Hypnotist Albany Hypnosis Quit Smoking Lose Weight Reduce Stress
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Albany Hypnosis Center, located in the Capital District, provides hypnosis services to the areas of Schenectady, Albany, Troy, Delmar and Clifton Park. We are dedicated to improving your life, whether it is through weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management or any other inhibiting habits you may have. We build customized programs for each individual's needs. In order to determine if we could accept you as a client, we offer free 30-minute screenings. Call (518) 275-7388 today to make an appointment!

Hypnotist Albany Hypnosis Center Reduce Stress

Hypnotist Albany Hypnosis Center Lose Weight Hypnosis Albany NY Albany Lose Weight Hypnotist Hypnosis Reduce Stress Albany Hypnosis Hypnotist

Albany Hypnosis Center specializes in helping people improve their lives.  Smoking is obviously an unhealthy, bad habit and hypnosis can help you quit, no matter how many times you have tried.  Instead of nicotine patches, gum, prescription drugs and imitation cigarettes, hypnosis can help you to naturally regain your freedom. If you are ready to start feeling better and save thousands of dollars every year, contact us today.

Serving the Greater Albany NY area, Albany Hypnosis Center can help you lose weight naturally and safely.  Without worrying about dieting or prepackaged meals, We can help you achieve your healthly weight goals. Personalized programs are custom built for each individual to ensure you get the results you want.  To improve your health and increase energy, call today for your Free screening!

Stress is natural for everyone but when it begins to interfere with your life and ability to concentrate, hypnosis can help.  At Albany Hypnosis Center, we can teach you how to regain inner peace and relax.   Our bodies cannot handle all of the stress today's society puts on us.  We can help you improve your mental and physical state through hypnosis so contact our hypnotist today!




“Made a major breakthrough [with tennis game] after 2 sessions, which I can only attribute to the sessions.”  - David Levow

"I had been a life-long nail chewer until I met Deborah. Nervous energy, habit, whatever you want to call it, I simply couldn't seem to stop biting my nails. I'll admit I was a bit of a skeptic when it came to hypnotism. While talking with Deborah, I realized that perhaps there really was something to it and decided to give it a try. It was relaxing and really not what I expected! At first, I really didn't have a sense of anything different, but after about a week, I realized that my nails where growing quickly. Because I hadn't been chewing them! Four months have passed and I am happy to report that the only issue I've had is that I had to learn how to trim and take care of nails! Thank you so much Deborah!" - David Trefzger

"I used hypnosis for anxiety, expecially relating to social situations and in the work place. I noticed a change in behavior in about 2 weeks. I felt much less anxious and when I do feel anxiety, I don't feel as bothered by it." - Alison Gray

“I really can’t believe how much different I feel, think and act with regard to not internalizing and magnifying every dilemma and how I am ok to let tasks, that are not crucial, go.” - Kristen Roehr

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